Prophecy, Healing and Deliverance – Part II

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Some Quotes and Thoughts on Healing

Healing the OT root word, meaning – “to restore”

“A careful analysis of the Biblical material indicates that in every instance rp’ is used with reference to restoring a wrong, sick or deficient condition to it’s original and proper state” Dr Brown

Healing – in the atonement? Is it physical, emotional, spiritual ? What is the extent of the “atonement”?

The Cross is the promise of restoration for the whole person – any dichotomy is artificial (Dr. Michael Brown).

The Healing Ministry of Jesus

How did Jesus and the inspired Gospel writers describe the ministry of Jesus?

  • Inspired Summaries: Matt 9:35; 4:23-25; Luke 13:32; Acts 10:38; Luke 9:6

“It is impossible to think of the ministry of Jesus and the early believers without thinking of miraculous healing” Dr Michael Brown, Israel’s Divine Healer

  • The Saving work of Christ: “sozo” Luke 7:50; Luke 8:36; Luke 8:48; Luke 8:50

“Jesus is a soter who forgives, delivers, heals and resurrects, both temporally and eternally.

Why did Jesus emphasize healing?
  • Healing as a covenant blessing – they could recognize Yahweh’s presence (Ex 15)
  • Healing as prophetic sign of the messianic age  — The Kingdom is here (Is 35)
  • Healing as warfare (warfare theodicy) – James Kallas, “The Satanward View”

“A war is going on! Cosmic war! Jesus is the divine invader sent by God to shatter the strengths of Satan. In that light, the whole ministry of Jesus unrolls. Jesus has one purpose-to defeat Satan. He takes seriously the strength of the enemy”  Dr. James Kallas,The Real Satan

  • Healing as evidence (witness) from God to the gospel

“Jesus miracles were not only or primarily external confirmations of his message; rather the miracle was the vehicle of the message. Side by side, word and miraculous deed gave expression to the entrance of God’s kindly power into time.. this is associated with a theory of revelation where the emphasis on the God who acts… is equal to the emphasis on the God who speaks” R. Brown

  • Healing and compassion — “Healing represents the very heart of God toward sick and suffering humanity” (Matt 14:14)
Healing in the New Testament

“The trickle has become the deluge, the exceptional has become the norm, the occasional has become commonplace, the hoped for has become the experienced, the longed for has become the realized… the floodgates of healing have opened” Dr. Michael Brown, Israel’s Divine Healer

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